Some of my thoughts after listening to the meeting from Friday that I thought I’d share. 
There was a lot of talk about the language to use and how we approach the Art of the project through Language and Action. 
I agree that the language we have been using thus far might not work for what we are trying to accomplish and also might be taken the wrong way by participants and communities we are addressing. I mean the first question for me was, well who are we to say anything about repairing memory, fixing their current and past circumstances and finding ways to give those communities some kind of map to a “better” future. I was thinking that maybe the focus of what we are trying to do here with the Zip Code Memory Project could be prefaced like this “What have we gained… through loss?” Trying to find some positive healing as a community, not as outsiders but as a whole community through reflections of our losses, seeing that those two are connected. Perhaps if we answer concretely some of the questions I received from people when I was trying to recruit them for participation in the project, we can then begin to build on that with a better understanding for ourselves and those we are engaging.
1) What is the purpose of the Art project?
2)Who is the project for?
3)What does the success of this project look like to us?
In order to clarify OUR message, its language and help define the best approach we might need to first acknowledge that we want this Art project to touch the individuals of our communities emotionally prompting them to take “ACTION” in their neighborhoods and give back through “acts of restoration” because its impacted all of us.
The key I think should be Action through Loss…
When we think of community awareness, maybe “regaining through loss amidst covid.”
For example some projects to draw from:
  1.  there’s a guy who started a project that I saw in Washington Sq. Park of random people writing notes an posting them on this board he has set up there and people come to read their messages….he also has an instagram where he posts these anonymous letters/notes: Anonymous Stories for the Instagram Age (Published 2019)
  2. A memory walk
  3. There is a bird project that was displayed in Harlem, Morning Side Heights, Washington Heights of birds that are in danger due to climate change:  Audubon Mural Project (something we can draw ideas from)
  4. Installations in neighborhood local stores, shops, nail salons, hair salons that actually represent and make up a lot of the businesses in the community to be used as a “container” for our art project….

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