Imagine Repair Performance

How do we acknowledge the loss wrought by Covid-19 and imagine and enact repair? The chants, rants, secular sermons, singing, and clanging of pots presented in the IMAGINE REPAIR performances in the Nave of the Cathedral of St John the Divine offered several ways of thinking and feeling about imagination and repair, two words, as Rev. Billy pointed out, that do not normally go together in our throw-away culture.
Words and images from that performance event continue to resonate: “I am here. We are here” (Imani Uzuri). “In these inhuman times, be human. “Live life!” Live life with a radical, brave, and courageous imagination. That type of imagination that is new! shocking! delightful! and scary! Remember that the inequalities we face are man-made. “We can’t see the future we want if we can’t see the present in which we live” (Fred Moten), ¡Presente! Marie Howe focuses on ‘the singularity,’ the “is is is is is”, all present, all home. Living, like, ‘sorrowing,’ like imagining, are active verbs. “Rise! Stand up,” Alicia Grullón prompts us. “Demand justice. Imagine repair.”

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