María José Contreras

In Aquí/Here workshop participants have the opportunity to reflect and work collectively on their experiences during the pandemic through performance and mapping practices. Participants are invited to craft different types of maps to reflect on their individual and collective experience of the pandemic and then to embody these maps through movements, gestures and theatrical games.

We start by crafting our individual body map to identify and locate memories of the pandemic. Our body map allows us to think about the traces the pandemic has left on our bodies, and what our bodies “hold” that may be not in our conscious mind. The body map is a great exercise to allow the emerging of complex, ambivalent and often contradictory memories. We explore and discover ways to re-embody our memories and share them in the common space of the workshop through movement, gestures and poetic language. We then proceed to work on maps of the ZCMP neighborhoods, tracing sensorial maps, imagining trajectories of losses and grief, and envisioning paths to hope. Through theatrical games, the group works through these maps devising ritual embodied gestures for repair and healing.

Workshop participants work both individually and collectively exploring ways to creatively work through the pandemic experience. Our main tools are mapping practices, embodied exercises, theatrical games and collective conversations intended to ground the workshop experience.

Header and slideshow images by Desiree Rios