The Zip Code Memory Project seeks to find community-based ways to memorialize the devastating losses resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic while also acknowledging its radically differential effects on Upper New York City neighborhoods. Through a series of art-based workshops, public events, social media platforms, and a performance/exhibition at the Cathedral of St John the Divine, community members re-imagine Zip Codes not as zones of separation, but as interrelated spaces for connectivity and mutual care.

A celebration of the power of community and care demonstrated by neighborhoods unequally affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Following several months of creative workshops engaging participants from across Upper N.Y.C. Zip Codes, the exhibition and performances express a collective desire for renewed hope, connection and transformative justice.

Performances: April 23, 2022. VIEW
Exhibition: St James Chapel, April 23 – May 15, 2022. VIEW
Talk to the Future by María José Contreras, April 23 – May 15, 2022 VIEW

Talk to the Future by María José Contreras, photo by Lorie Novak


Tomie Arai

I am so grateful to be a part of The Zip Code Memory project, which provides a space for us to imagine a future where we are healthy, safe, and happily in community with people who care deeply about the city. After all the isolation and pain caused by the pandemic, meeting in person for the first time allowed me to feel reconnected with the world again. George Sanchez’s workshop was pure joy.

Candace Leslie

During such a turbulent and unprecedented point in history, it has been a joy and an honor to be a part of a project that sheds light on the impact of this time on the various, diverse communities of New York City while drawing those communities together to heal, grow, learn and hope. Every borough, every neighborhood, every community has felt hardship in this time and the fact that we can all come together with that shared trauma to acknowledge it, release it and collectively see a way forward is a very beautiful thing.

Alcira Forero-Pena

I loved the workshop we had at St John the Divine a few weeks back. The coordinator was an excellent facilitator using some of Augusto Boal’s “teatro del oprimido” techniques. Why? The 18 participants were able to open up, to look at each other as humans with warmth, acknowledgement, and empathy afterwards. We even co-created a couple of suggested projects. I look forward to participating in our next workshop.

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