ZCMP Workshops
The four ZCMP workshops build on each other to create community, work through loss, build trust, and enable healing through acting exercises and games, storytelling, writing and art-making.  A culminating public commemoration and exhibition will acknowledge the trauma, grief, and loss of the pandemic while celebrating and, we hope, energizing the communities we live in.

1. Rehearsals for Change

George Emilio Sanchez

 This workshop will integrate theater games and exercises from Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed with writing and drawing.  Our critical aim is to nurture and develop trust among the participants.   First, trust within our physical body, the five senses, our emotional landscape, and the reach of the imagination.  Secondly, nurturing trust among the participants in building a collective identity.  The deeper we can trust ourselves, the greater we can trust each other and the group.

We will begin with an in-depth dive into the foundational trust exercises taken from Boal’s Games for Actors and Non-Actors. Boal’s Image Theater will help us create images around key words and themes with the aim of re-defining how individual and societal power informs and guides our experiences.  We will use objects, and eventually also our bodies, to create images of power. The workshop will culminate in exercises from Boal’s Rainbow of Desire, where we will create living images and sculptures with our bodies to define and express how oppression looks and feels and how it can be repaired. In free-writing exercises participants will be asked to write about their names.  We will then work in dyads and engage in one-to-one interviews regarding our background as a way to build bridges between us.     

Workshop participants will be working in an interactive, experiential mode that brings people together.  A critical element of the workshops are the conversations and questions that we will share together as we process our process.  Intentionality and accountability will become community norms to guide the creative circle we forge in community.

2. Aquí/Here

Maria José Contreras

In Aquí/Here workshop participants will have the opportunity to reflect and work collectively on their life during the pandemic through performance and mapping practices. Participants will be invited to craft different types of maps to reflect on their individual and collective experience of the pandemic: maps of their special places in their neighborhood, sensorial maps, maps that trace their trajectory of losses and grief, maps that imagine a path to hope. Then, through theatrical games and exercises, the group will devise ritual embodied gestures for repair and healing. 

3. and 4.Storytelling/Photo/

Kamal Badhey, Noni Carter, Jordan Cruz, Carina del Valle Schorske 

Storytelling workshops will guide participants to express their experiences of the pandemic through images and words. Using family and neighborhood photographs, images taken during the workshops, oral storytelling and writing created in the workshop and from interviews, we will share individual stories of loss and resilience to identify communal struggles and hopes  and, collectively, to imagine strategies for change. Cameras, printers and all other materials will be provided. Some of our work will be shared in the final exhibition.