Exhibition and Performances: April 23- May 15, 2022
Exhibition: St James Chapel, Monday – Saturday, 9:30am – 5 pm; Sunday, 12-5pm
Talk to the Future by María José Contreras — Sunday, May 8, 9-12pm (Driveway pantry line), Sunday May 8 and 15, 3-5pm -St. Ambrose Chapel

Join us to celebrate the power of community and care in neighborhoods unequally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Following several months of creative workshops engaging participants from across Upper N.Y.C. Zip Codes, this exhibition offers a space in which we can listen to the voices and stories of New Yorkers and invites us to share our own. We can accompany each other in the work of remembering and grieving, in momentous and intimate instances of pain and of joy. The artists in this exhibition have searched for forms that convey their responsibility to bear witness to an extraordinary historical moment. They come together here to express a collective desire for renewed hope and a demand for transformative justice.

View the spirit cards and body maps produced by community participants in workshops and the animated body maps by Birim Bademli

See works of visual and verbal witness and provocation by  Kamal Badhey, Cathleen Campbell, Jordan Cruz, Seçil Koman, Candace Leslie, Susan Meiselas, Zahied Tony Mohammed, Jim Mutton, Lorie Novak, Desiree Rios, Carrie Mae Weems, and Deborah Willis.

Enter the ‘time capsule’ Talk to the Future, a durational performance by María José Contreras, and share your stories or insights related to Covid-19 t with future generations. Contreras writes the messages on the time capsule itself. Upcoming performances:  Sunday, May 8, 9-12pm (Driveway pantry line); Sundays May 8 and 15, 3-5pm in St. Ambrose Chapel inside the Cathedral. 

Bring a photo and story of someone you lost to upload to a satellite installation of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s A Crack in the Hourglass, An Ongoing Memorial for the Victims of Covid-19 and they will become part of the work’s online archive at acrackinthehourglass.net. With thanks to the Brooklyn Museum. 

Listen to stories from the Lost New York Covid Story Map, a project conceived by Erachie Brown, Yves Dossous, Leah Elimeliah, Yiğit Eygi, and Sonja Jean Killebrew. 

Watch scenes from Zip Code Covid Memories, a documentary film in the making by Judith Helfand and Gabriella Canal and learn about the ZCMP Theater of the Oppressed, Body-Mapping, Photo and Storytelling workshops.

Listen to a Phone Booth for Anonymous Feelings – a project conceptualized and developed by Chelsea Knight, with Sandra Long, Candance Leslie, and Zahied Tony Mohammed. Add to the project and share a brief memory of significance to your COVID experience. Leave your 1 to 3-minute story as an anonymous phone message at 917-781-4612. The stories will also be hosted on our website.

Visit the Altar for Beloved Neighbors,  created by Milagros Batista, Ana Ofelia Rodriguez, and Rafaelina Tineo responding to Afro-Dominican traditions.

The exhibition is curated by Işın Önol, in conversations with multiple workshop participants, and assisted by Aya Labanieh and Yiğit Eygi.

Admission FREE for IMAGINE REPAIR exhibition and performance.

The opening performances of IMAGINE REPAIR on April 23 took place in the Nave of The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine and included performances and presentations by Imani Uzuri, Alicia Grullon, Marie Howe, Fred Moten, Amyra Léon, Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz, George Emilio Sanchez, Noni Carter with workshop participants, a concert by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, and a projection by The Illuminator. The public performances and events were curated by Alo Gorozpe.

Watch the streaming video here.

Watch a video of the projection of The Illuminator taken by Jonathan VanAntwerpen